Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thankful for...

 Day 1:  My job is the best.  I get to work with my thirty cello and piano students every week.  It is never monotonous...I see all different ages, skill levels and personalities.  With some kids, I have to work hard to make a little conversation with them at the end of the lesson, and for others, it takes all my energy to keep them on task- they want to fill me in on every detail of their past week.  (My standard line with one of my kids is "Don't tell me everything about that movie...I might want to see it.")  It is wonderful to see my students making progress and enjoying music.  I like that it takes a lot of creativity on my part to come up with different "tricks" for teaching new skills or motivating students.  And I like that since each child is very different, I have to find ways to adapt my teaching style to their personality.  As with any job, it's not without its less fun aspects, but I am so blessed to have a job I love.

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