Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures

For the past year, my Grandpa Max has been planning a family trip to Branson with our extended family to celebrate this year's big events- his 80th birthday and he and Grandma Bobbie's 60th wedding anniversary.  So, on Thanksgiving morning, almost 60 of us (including 20 kids younger than 15) loaded on to a charter bus for an 8 hour drive.  We had such a great time with the whole family over the 4-day weekend.  There was plenty of time for relaxing, swimming at the hotel's water park and shopping.  We attended several shows- Dixie Stampede was my favorite.  They served dinner during the show, and we saw the Christmas portion of the show, plus they did their usual horseback riding "tricks".  Here's the whole group before the show:

And here's I-man and I on the way back to the hotel.

 We went to an outdoor mall called The Landing one afternoon.  The weather was beautiful and perfect for outdoor browsing.  The above picture could describe my usual look...I'm digging through my purse trying to find my phone.  Someday, I will learn to buy small purses!
 I'm not sure if this is a real tree or not, but I still found it impressive.
 I loved the unique architecture of the stores.
 Sporting my bargain of the day- a $9 scarf from BCBG...a store I would never buy from at full price!
 I was happy to see Nathan...he had gone to Bass Pro with the guys in the family that morning while us girls checked out an outlet mall.
 Thanksgiving 2011, our second one as a married couple.  It's funny to be that we're already doing holidays the second seems like we got married yesterday!
 Out for lunch at Joe's Crab Shack.  We enjoyed our lunch, but I could have passed on all the servers taking a 5-minute break to dance every 15 minutes.  
 9-month-old Elliana (and her mom) dropped in for a visit before we left for a show.  
 Here's her big sister Gracie.
 Just so you know, his eyes are closed on purpose!

 Sweet Benjamin sleeping on Therese's lap
 Madeline and Uncle Nathan
 We went to a show with these three hillbilly guys- they provided the silly part of the show, for sure.  The boys thought they were the best.

Mom, Dad and Isaac on the bus
This picture isn't from the trip, but it is too cute not to post.  It looks like they are making the same face at each other.

Tomorrow I head back to see my hand surgeon.  I'll get my stitches out and hopefully be released from wearing this splint.  And just as I was getting fast at typing with one hand....

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Brenna H. said...

The guy in the yellow hat is "girning." I've tried, but I'm not yet accomplished at pulling my lower lip over my nose.