Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's November.

Last night we had a lot of trick-or-treaters.  I was pretty sure we would, so I made sure I was stocked with candy over the weekend.  I came home around 5 pm and was taking a shower.  Pretty soon it was accompanied by the ringing sound of my doorbell.  Most of them rang once, but one kid must have pushed that button twenty times before he figured out no one was coming to the door.  Later on, I actually did answer my door and hand out candy.  My brother Max was over and he made sure to remind all the little kids as they walked away to brush their teeth when they got home.  

I went back and forth on whether or not to do the whole handing out candy thing.  I'm saying this at the risk of offending everyone that reads this blog- those who celebrate Halloween care-free, as just another holiday with good and bad aspects, and those who won't touch it with a ten-foot pole.  I really can understand both sides.  Because of my Christian faith, I don't care for the dark aspects of the holiday, but I also decided that it was more consistent with my Christian faith to give the little kids who rang my doorbell candy and have a cheerful exchange with them, than to hole up in my house in the dark, trying to make it appear like I wasn't at home.

Max, Therese and her friend Jeremiah came over last night with pizza.  There's a chain around here that is just the best- super thin, crunchy crust- and that's what they brought.  I threw together a salad, chips and salsa, and ice cream for dessert and it was a fun, though not altogether healthy, little party.  Nathan had to work late and I felt bad that he missed out on our fun.


  It's November now and the holidays are just around the corner.  I've been thinking for a few weeks about how I need to exercise more, and I have, just not very consistently.  So, I'm going to take these 30 days of November to work on making exercise a habit.  I'm not going for body-builder muscles (yeah, I'm pretty sure that is impossible for me) or super-model thin.  I just want to stay in shape as a gift to Nathan and for the extra energy and overall better outlook that a little exercise a day can give.  

Did you know surveys have been finding that the average woman gains 21 pounds during her first year of marriage?  While I haven't gone that far, I may or may not have gone half way to that, and I'm eager to get it off.  Most sources I've read attribute it to eating "manly" meals (apparently we feel compelled as newlyweds to eat what and as much as our spouse does), lounging around (yes, it's fun to watch movies on your new couch in your new house, but it's a pretty inactive hobby), and just feeling too comfortable and not caring as much.  So, this is my month to get off the couch and get a little healthier.  I'm going to go for one small step a day, and I'm thinking about posting them here so I actually do them.  We'll see.

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