Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 By 30

In a few days, it will be exactly six and a half years until I turn 30.  That doesn't sound too far away.  So many milestones are passed in the age 10 to age 20 decade.  Even though 20 to 30 won't have as many of them (going from elementary school to half-way through college is a pretty big change), I hope it will be far from a boring decade.  Here's a list I came up with.  Most of them are fun things that I've wanted to do but have just not had time for.  Only a couple are serious, but it will be a fun challenge to get through them all by 30.
  1. Host our families for a major holiday.
  2. Drive to California.
  3. Learn to make bread.
  4. Memorize a book of the Bible (A substantial one...not Jude).
  5. Vote for the first time (Yes, I know, it is sad that I'm 23 and have not done that yet).
  6. Go to Asia.
  7. Play the Dvorak Concerto really well.
  8. Spend a week camping.  (This would be a very pioneer-ish stretch for me).
  9. Be on time for stuff (Nathan tells me that on-time is 5-10 minutes early...hmmm....).
  10. Make my blog profitable.
  11. Create a reading list of 10-12 books on New Years and actually get through them that year.
  12. Sew something, or at least learn how to turn a sewing machine on.  Or, at least learn how to sew a button on.
  13. Keep up with our family photo albums.
  14. Take a cooking class.
  15. Finish a half marathon (I didn't say run, just finish.)
  16. Buy my new car with cash (I'm pretty sure the car I've had for 7 years isn't going to make the next 6.5 years to age 30).
  17. Plan someone else's wedding.  (Therese, this is for you!  Aren't you excited??)
  18. Create our own Christmas traditions.
  19. Complete the 40-Day Maker's Diet.
  20. Spend lots of time with Isaac and Eva since they'll be 16 and 14 when I turn 30.
  21. Skydive.
  22. Complete Suzuki teacher training.
  23. Buy a Yamaha grand piano.
  24. Create an exercise routine.
  25. Play Vivaldi Double Cello Concerto with Isaac. 
  26. Take a vacation at a tropical resort.
  27. Visit my last 13 states. 
  28. Double the size of my music studio.
  29. Own our first home.
  30. Learn how to ballroom dance (or at least take a class).


Purposely at Home said...

great list! :) what about kids?!?! ;D

George and Krista said...

Fun list :)

I can help you with #3 and 12. You and Nathan (or just you) should come up sometime this winter. We could bake bread, sew, visit some fun shops, ice skate in Millinium Park...that way you can start checking off your list!

I need to call you about Wednesday...maybe during naptime.


Brenna H. said...

If I can run a 1/2 marathon, you can! :-)

Cherith Melody said...

hey! I was waiting for kids to be on that list!!!!!!!!!! do you want any? ;)

busymama431 said...

Sounds like you'll do it all before you're 30...what is there left to do? ha, ha :)I can help you w/ #3...i'll call you when I'm ready to bake again. I bake bread the cheater's way (Bosch mixer)...but it works for me.