Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Staircase Inspiration

Maybe you are like me and are looking for some good Christmas decor ideas for your home.  It's hard to believe that in just about two weeks, it will be time to decorate.  We have a great staircase in our rental house, but I have nothing to decorate with.  A quick Google search gave me lots of ideas- here's pictures of my favorites.  

I like the simplicity of this one.  I also like the idea of hanging the garland on the side of the stairs.  For some reason, I had it in my mind that I was going to have to wrap it around all those rails.
I like this one because it looks like a cheap-o pine garland was used.  They dressed it up with a strand of red beads bought on sale from Walmart.  The bows look plastic to me, so not my favorite, but this looks like something I could do.  With the size of my staircase and the size of my decorating budget, we're probably going with the cheap-o garland this year.

This one's all natural and beautiful- I love it.
I love the wreaths, and how the garland is entirely on the side of the railing- keeping it open for its original purpose.  The only thing is, I'm trying to figure out how that garland is hanging on!
Okay, this is not a staircase, but I like the look (I probably wouldn't do purple).  The photos and ribbons above the mantle are a good idea for year-round.
This is definitely me.  I like the loose greenery and the snowflake ornaments tucked in.  I think I have something similar in my ornament box upstairs.  As for the stuff actually sitting on the stairs- nice for looking, but I'd trip over them every time.
You don't see lime green a lot, but it actually works.  I like the long ribbons hanging down.  The boxes gave me a good, inexpensive decorating idea too.  
This looks like an inexpensive project too.  A lot of the supplies could be taken from odds and ends and naturals, plus it wouldn't take as much garland.
Very cute, but it would look pretty silly with our whole two stockings.
Very simple- I like it.
Totally different look, but seems like it would be easy.

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Leisel Spafford said...

Very cute ideas...I LOVE decorating for Christmas! When I was a little girl decorating was such a BIG DEAL to me and at 18... it still is ;)