Thursday, October 20, 2011

Miller Brothers Eggs

A few weeks ago, I used Wix to create a website for my brother's chicken egg business.  He is a college student majoring in agriculture and in addition to helping my dad on our family farm, he has started selling free-range eggs.  That's what Nathan and I buy now and we can tell such a difference in the taste!  Plus, I have peace of mind knowing that we're eating healthy, local food that is free of preservatives, antibiotics and hormones.  He's selling to individuals, a health food store and a local restaurant right now.  
Go to and take a look around.  

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lowercase letters said...

ahhh! i'm jealous. :) i would love to have the same or something similar for a buisness. we previously had chickens, but something got into their coop (probably a possum) and got them all. :(
that's a super nice website. love the manly touch with the fire and all. ;)