Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Fun

Isaac and Eva came over to play one Friday.  The weather was beautiful and they quickly raked a big pile of leaves.  Well, Isaac raked and Eva used the broom to sweep leaves...we only have one rake!

Apparently they had more in mind then just playing in the leaves when they made their pile near the stairs on the back of our house.

That is a big pile of leaves, but doesn't look big enough for me to think it would be fun to jump into it from 8 feet above!

I'm standing on my personal soapbox here, but it makes me really happy to see kids playing outside, delighting in simple things that just won't be as fun when they're all grown up.  It seems so much better than hours of TV, video/computer games and internet surfing.

We went for a big walk around our neighborhood and I let them try out our tandem bike.  It was scary to watch- neither of them could really reach the pedals!

That same weekend, my sister Therese had a cook out at our cabin.  Max, Isaac and Nathan were playing football that night.
Eva getting a bird's eye view from the round bale!

I hadn't been out to the cabin for a while, and I forgot how nice it is back there.  The whole back of the cabin is windows looking down a ravine onto the river.  Quite a few people came to the cook out, and it was nice to catch up with some girls I hadn't seen in a while.  Of course, I managed to get pictures mostly just of my two little siblings!
Nathan and Eva cooking!

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