Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10 Favorites (In no particular order)

I know I said I wasn't doing these in order, but I had to put him first- he's pretty much my favorite.  As much fun as I have out and about, coming home at night and spending time with Nathan is definitely the best part of my day.

I'm enjoying my new-found love of baking.  These little treats are easy and the best.  Just bake brownies in a mini-muffin pan.  When cool, top with whipped cream (I used Redi-Whip) and a fresh raspberry.  NOTE: Add the whipped cream right before serving.  I made mine a few hours before dinner and when I took them out of the fridge, the cream had mostly evaporated or something.

Oh, look!  Nathan made it onto my 10 Favorites list again.  But mostly, this picture is about the fun of hot, summer days.  Here we are riding the ferris wheel at Navy Pier together:

 And here we are outside the Lincoln Park Zoo.

I always look forward to Wednesdays.  I am home most of the day, so it's my designated cleaning day.  Not that I just sit back and watch my house fall apart the other six days- I just do the big stuff on Wednesday.  Call me weird, but I love to clean.  Must be those German, Meyer-family genes coming through.
 Fall is my favorite season.  The weather's crisp and fresh, and the smells/tastes of fall are delicious.  Last year, I had fun decorating the steps to our apartment with pumpkins.  This year, we have a full front porch, so it will be even better!  I found these pictures online and thought it might be fun to try carving designs in the pumpkins this time.  I don't like the scary, goblin-like typical designs, but thought these looked really cute!

I started drinking coffee as a tired college student.  I could barely choke it down, but stuck by its side because I liked the way it helped me stay awake during afternoon classes.  Give me an 8 am and I'd be wide awake, but a class at 1 or 2?  Without coffee, I'd be having the classic "head-bobs" only ten minutes in.

Now, I like the taste (funny how that happens), and look forward to my morning coffee/Bible time in the mornings.
Here is my big kid, playing with the little kids.  You should see their finished creation.  It is an awesome ferris-wheel type ride, complete with a solar panel to make it move on its own.  We love adopting Isaac and Eva for a day or weekend.

My favorite store.  On my newlywed clothes budget of $50 a month for the two of us, I don't get to spend as much time here as I used to.  Which is okay, because being married is way better than having new clothes, right?  Of course right.
Isaac and Eva at our wedding.
I'm so glad to have these two little siblings.  They make life so fun!
 Spring-time trip to Boston with my sister Therese and friend Evelyn.  Even though I was holding an umbrella literally the entire trip (except when I would accidentally leave it behind in the umbrella holder in stores and Therese would have to rescue it), we had a great time.  I got my picture with George Washington (above) and ate a scrumptious dessert at Finale. 

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