Friday, November 23, 2012


Our third Thanksgiving together was so fun and sweet.  In the morning, Nathan went hunting with his dad and brother-in-law while I made a giant apple salad and cleaned the house.  I went into a panic earlier in the morning that all of his relatives would decide to come over (they didn't, but now I have a clean house!) and see our newly remodeled home, and it pretty much looked like a war zone.  How does that happen so fast with only two people living here?  I also made some snacks- sausage dip and candied pecans- to bring with for people to eat in the afternoon.  What were we thinking?!?  We were all way too full to eat snacks just hours after Thanksgiving dinner!  My college friend Evelyn joined us since her family lives in Taiwan.  It was a loud, happy afternoon with 50 people in one house, just the way holidays should be!

In the late afternoon, we went home for an hour and tried to pass into a food coma on the living room floor.  Well, Watson thought we must have wanted to play/wrestle since we were laying on the floor, so no napping ensued.  I got up and made Cranberry-Banana-Pumpkin-Walnut Muffins.  Yes, that was the combination of about three recipes.  I hate bananas and their smell with a passion, but somehow, I do like them baked in breads and muffins.  I was in the kitchen mashing them up and gagging, which Nathan found hilarious.

Around 6 pm, we got all bundled up to go stand in line for a TV at Walmart.  I was wearing four layers, boots, hat, scarf and mittens.  We went to pick up Nathan's mom and we found out that apparently we wait INSIDE the store.  Would have been good to know before I dressed for a blizzard!  Walmart, in general, was crazy.  We got to bypass a lot of that though because we went in for a specific TV.  They only had 35 of them so we had to get in line at 7 pm.  We sat on a couple cases of Dr. Pepper for three hours doing crossword puzzles and reading magazines across from the refrigerator section.  I started to regret shedding all my layers about an hour in.  Have YOU ever sat across from the eggs for three hours?  It's chilly!

That was probably our first and last Black Friday experience.  While we do appreciate a good deal, we already have so much, and for our warm home, family and friends, we spent yesterday being grateful.

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