Monday, November 26, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

I count down to Christmas (and my birthday) like a little kid...only 29 days to go!  This weekend Christmas cards were stuffed, addressed and sealed.  I really should make an Excel file with all the addresses because I send them to the same people every year (our families, some friends and all my students), and all three times I've done this since we've been married, I've had to use to find the addresses of most people.  After that, I'm left with a long list of people our age who only use cell phones and move every year, so Facebook messages are my ally for tracking those people down.  Searching for the addresses makes an hour-long job take at least two.  

 Is it way too early to mail the cards today?  I'm going back and forth between getting the project crossed off my list and waiting until December 1st to mail them.  It is such a miracle that these are done BEFORE Christmas, and I can actually have the debate with myself if it is too EARLY to send them!

I said I wasn't going to decorate the house this year since we're in such a state of upheaval with the remodel.  Knowing all those sparkles and lights are packed away in boxes makes me a little sad I may decorate at least upstairs and pop some pretty wreaths on the outside doors.

Amazon is becoming my Christmas friend!  I  just ordered this scarf for $12.99, including shipping, found Christmasy flavored K-Cup coffee for cheaper than I can get it anywhere else, and ordered several gifts.  

Luxury Diva's Infinity Lightweight Scarf
$12.99 + free shipping!

In remodeling news, Nathan and his dad are working away digging out and framing in our new sidewalks.  The plan is for the concrete to be poured this Saturday morning.  We had some makeshift cement steps pushed up to our front door, but those were taken away to make way for the new half-hexagon shaped brick steps and landing that will be there soon and will look awesome.  Then, Nathan used the backhoe to dig out a place for the cement footer that will be the base for the brick.  So when I open the front door to leave now, I take a nice 5-foot jump into a pile of dirt!  You can imagine how much fun we had hoisting ourselves and our groceries inside the house on Saturday evening!

I saw two mice on gross.  I did not stay calm!  I just can't stand those long, skinny, hair-less tails.  How do they make mice look so cute in animated movies??  I ran outside the house and was standing there, barefoot, in my pajamas.  After a few seconds, I realized that there was no where to go since I live here and went back inside.  But I did spend the rest of the day with socks AND cozy furry boots on my feet (after irrationally checking the inside of the boots for mice), since I just can't stand the thought of the little creatures running over my toes. Yuck!

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