Saturday, September 15, 2012


Back in June, we moved to our new house.  It wasn't complete, but it was close enough that it was livable.  We were pretty motivated to move so we wouldn't have to pay rent anymore.  On top of that, our rental house sold and we had to be out by the second week of June.  We moved in and were totally overwhelmed by our piles of boxes and the lack of space to store it all.  So, to make things less hectic, we did what most sane people do, and adopted a puppy from the shelter!

This is Watson.  We are biased, of course, but we are pretty sure that he is the sweetest, smartest puppy ever.  He follows us all over the house.  He is totally happy as long as he is right next to us.  We were happily innocent when we brought him home that it was going to be somewhat like bringing home a newborn.  Good thing I'm great at rolling over and pretending to sleep through all the noise so that Nathan had to get up with him!  We'll see if that works out as well when we have kids.

Of course, he had to grow up on us, so this is what he looks like now, 30 pounds later:

 I'll try to be better about blogging.  I appreciate all your sweet comments and emails letting me know that you had missed this.

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George and Krista said...

An update! Yay :)

From your sweet sis lol!