Monday, December 19, 2011

Wedding Crasher

(Don't you just love the "rubber bands" around his chubby arms and legs?)

You would never know that this cherubic looking little boy was once a wedding crasher.  21 years ago, he was a ring bearer at his mom's sister's wedding.  His mom was the maid of honor, his dad performed the ceremony and his older sister was the flower girl.  
I had already heard the story of how, at age 2 1/2, he threw the wedding rings (the real ones!) off his little pillow, sending them clattering under the pews at the candle-lit service.  
This week, I also found out that he escaped during the ceremony and was found in the church basement eating carrots out of the fridge.  Someone brought him back upstairs, where he crawled around his dad's feet while he performed the ceremony and shook the microphone stand.  Later, he laid down on his stomach in the church aisle with his head in his hands, looking up at everybody who attended the wedding.  He started wandering around the church and went up to his aunt, the bride, and was trying to look under her veil to see if it was her under there.  When picture time came, he was totally uncooperative (apparently because of a missed nap), so all the pictures of Nathan show him with a carrot in each hand, mouth wide open, screaming.


With these ornery genes, the moral of the story for me is to never say "my child would never..." 
But still, really, all of that at one wedding?  I'm hoping those genes skip a generation!